Our Vision


To promote education for girls, most specifically those that plan to purse STEM fields and to work in collaboration with the nonprofit government organization Ranjira Community Health Center.


Founded on the idea of no girl left behind, the non profit, Kisumu Girls Empowerment and Health, was started in hopes of influencing more young girls to follow their dreams. Holding bachelors degrees in Biology and Chemistry, I am able to pursue my dreams because of my parents desire to want more for my siblings and I. Unfortunately, not many young girls living in Kenya are as lucky as I am. Therefore, I hope to continuously inspire and lead young girls into the world of STEM- science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. At the end of four years of secondary school, I hope to send each of these girls off to prestigious universities to continue chasing their dreams, all while being able to help their families. 


  • Promote quality and affordable healthcare services through Ranjira Health Center

  • Sponsor secondary school education for three girls who have done exceptionally well during Form 1 (freshman year of high school) from Ranjira Primary School and other surrounding schools

  • No girls left behind initiative by encouraging top performance and health among schools in the Kisumu and surrounding area

  • To facilitate and promote STEM education to girls in the community


Lorreen A. Agandi
Co-Founder, Mentor

Co-Founder, Agandi Oyoo, meeting with students from Ranjira Primary School

Co-Founder, Agandi Oyoo, meeting with students from Ranjira Primary School